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to curate is

At Chan + Hori Contemporary, we have always addressed ourselves as curators first. We know that many have asked, “What does curating actually mean in the art world of today?”


In the Roman Empire, curator is the title given to government officials put in charge of departments within public administration. There were curators for aqueducts, curators for taxation, curators who were put in charge of the fourteen districts of the city of Rome. The curator is one who cares for, guards, and manages. It is an ambiguous yet all-encompassing role that requires a balance of both scholarship and street-smarts.


In the art world, although no official institution confers one with the title of curator, once assumed, the magnitude of responsibilities attached to curating should not be seen or taken lightly, or carelessly, in any way whatsoever.

to be responsible

As professionals of visual art, we put ourselves in partnership and service to artists, artworks, patrons, institutions, and respected peers from various sectors in the landscape. As curators, our work begets the pleasure of an expanding trust circle and devising artful client service solutions commissioned to our care.


Whether you are an artist, art collector, veritable institution, private benefactor, or corporate entity looking to engage strategically and creatively, we are here to curate your interest responsibly.


We may not be what is today traditionally regarded as influencers, we do not have millions of social media followers, but our ideas are unassumingly impactful, albeit often unconventional.

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