Solo Exhibition By Dawn Ng

11 January - 9 February 2014


WINDOWSHOP a cabinet of curiosities quite like no other.

Scoured, bartered, haggled, coaxed, stripped, painted and polished, thousands of objects hand-picked from local junk stores, homes, shops  and nostalgia collectors unique to this day and age, form  a peculiar collection of tailor-made, brass-titled furniture pieces.  

Each title tells a story of the objects within. 

From merry-go-rounds to marble cases, the  titles constitute a visual litany of funny, irreverent and at times, painfully honest observations about people and objects in relationship to time, place, memory, truth and love. 

By symbolically translating the collector’s control of the world through a miniature, indoor reproduction, WINDOWSHOP takes a look at the psychological, cultural and aesthetic value of “things,” and the visual language which the latter forms.  

Like cabinets of curiosities built in Renaissance Europe, WINDOWSHOP serves as a personal memory theatre in the context of Singapore’s own Golden Age. Yet unlike cabinets of curiosities of  yore which  tended toward a pompous collection of Art and Antiquities, WINDOWSHOP seeks to curate and celebrate the infinitely everyday and beautifully ordinary of our  times.

WINDOWSHOP is representative of my own documentative obsession as an artist and a mirror of my generation’s infatuation with the past.  the work sheds light on our human fascination with keeping things, and begs us to question that which is truly priceless.