We Will Meet

Solo Exhibition By Alvin Ong

15 September - 16 October 2016

Alvin Ong's new figurative paintings mark an evolution in subject matter, which had previously explored the local through vanishing rituals and cultures in Singapore. Inspired by his treks through Spain, this new series moves towards an interest in finding the local in the global. Walking through countless towns and landscapes, the wanderer encounters solitude, other people, and eventually, oneself.

In these reimagined hallucinations, the landscape of memories and dreams are nocturnal, mysterious and magical. Awash in neon light, characters resurface transformed by infrared and thermal imaging. Engaging in silent dialogue with one another, they are projections of the artist - as nomad and wanderer. Moving between worlds, encountering one another as their paths meet in the dark. This series is thus experienced as a journey, an ongoing dialogue with the painting process - and life itself.

We Will Meet is an invitation; to new friendships, new encounters and new beginnings.