1 of "Timeless series"
take your time series
Everlasting Throne
Framed Drawings
soul (2017)
2 of “Timeless series”  and 3 of “Timeless series”  (2017)
4 of “Timeless series”
space in between your fickleness
triumphs and struggles
 1st, 2nd, 3rd ,4th, 5th, 6th of “Six is for down and up”
5 of "Timeless series"
painting for a corner
room for 1 person
to see the truth, a pastel hue
7 of “Timeless series”
 reality check
magical disappearance
lighness of living I II III
healing time
 catching time
wailing clock
7 of “Timeless series”
midnight fight
the forgiving cup
song of the cabbage man I II III IV V VI VII VIII, i am a plastic soul
the morning brightness
in regardless
glimpse of hope
breathe into heart of sea
Framed Drawings 2
a cup of solace
Limited merchandise from artist
trophies for failure
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