solo exhibition by Loi cai xiang

27 July - 20 August 2017

Born in Singapore in 1992, Void is Loi Cai Xiang’s first solo exhibition. A graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Cai Xiang works mainly in oil and draws inspiration from personal experiences and reflections of his environment in exploring different modes of representation through realism. 

Cai Xiang says, “This constant need to define a void that resides between us and the physical world is an attempt to make sense and create a synthetic connection to explain a state of being. This endeavour is a personal exploration for sensibility to define a private gulf that exists between my conscious and subconscious state of mind.”

Void articulates an explosive disquiet, beguiling tableaus otherwise reminiscent of the traditional and academic. They juxtapose ideas inspired by latent symbols attached to references such as pelicans in traditional Chinese culture, furniture from his family home and the industrial environment where his previous studio was located. 

Cai Xiang is a recipient of Tan Chay Bing and Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarships and had exhibited at various art shows in Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore. His works are currently collected by private collectors and corporation such as Clifton and Asia Capital Reinsurance.