Uncertain discoveries

solo exhibition by Danielle tay

12 October - 5 November 2017

Born in 1990 in Singapore, Danielle Tay graduated from the Slade School of Fine Arts, University College of London, UK in 2014. Uncertain Discoveries is Danielle’s first solo at Chan + Hori Contemporary after participating in UNTAPPED EMERGING, the galleries’ affiliate program with the Visual Arts Development Association Singapore (VADA).

Evoking intimate episodes with an inquisitive mind like that of an explorer, the artist reconstructs experiences, memories and lived spaces through visual conventions. Her art-making process embraces a varied and at times, tedious passages of retrospection and multiplication. Each artwork might commence as drawings on paper, then possibly replicated with paints on paper or canvas. Each motif and composition is later appropriated and reconstructed with paper cut-outs. If resolution is still not achieved, these processes could be repeated or extended with cut and painted wood, metal or plastic.

These varied processes demonstrate an underlying philosophy behind Danielle’s preoccupation. They resemble the many ways we often unconsciously learn and engage with daily encounters. However, what we assume or are informed with might not necessarily correspond with what we experience and discover in person. And whenever we go through something overwhelming or witness incidents beyond science and logic, we recede to spiritual and meta-reasoning.

Uncertain Discoveries demonstrates an artistic approach in re-evaluating and rediscovering, a heightened method and habit of human questioning, reviewing and recording otherwise instinctive, transitory fascinations and responses to grey areas of our physical world.



My Colour Palette: Artist Chat with Danielle Tay

21st October 2017, 2pm – 3pm

Colour mixing lies at the centre of Danielle Tay's art practice. Danielle intuitively selects, experiments & embraces hues & shades. She finds inspiration in nature and from her observations about life.

This artist session is held in conjunction with Danielle's current solo exhibition, { Uncertain Discoveries } at Chan + Hori Contemporary.

Come join us in this conversation about Art, Colours & Life!





  • Danielle Tay