to dance is to be everywhere

for ashes keeper, spirits, and other possible monuments

solo exhibition by Dusadee huntrakul

14 September - 8 October 2017

His first solo in Singapore after appearances at Singapore Biennale (2013) and Sous la lune (2015) at ICAS LASALLE, Dusadee returns with an update of his latest investigations with ceramic sculptures and drawings. Borrowing primal and at times totemic productions from antiquity, the modern and the contemporary, Dusadee places his original creations alongside the visual language and spirit of 600 BCE Greek, 3000 BC Japanese, 1000 BC Thai, the modern Picasso, Joan Miro and contemporary artists such as Mark Manders. The authorship of these images requires professional knowledge to differentiate and for the novice, they might appear to come from a mono or indistinct ancient lineage. As a result, our focus is trained on the craft, culture and thinking behind their design and purpose in relation to the lives of the community they are surrounded by.

Dusadee (b.1978, Bangkok) graduated with a BA from University of California, Los Angeles and MFA from University of California, Berkeley, USA. His works have been shown at Nichido Contemporary Art, Japan; Oakland Museum of California, USA, and currently at Sunshower: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia from 1980s to Now at Mori Art Museum and The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan.