The Obits

Featuring Grieve Perspective

23 August - 5 September 2012

Grieve Perspective brings to fore an unusual exhibition, which focuses on the obituary as an art form that has somehow never quite taken hold in Singapore. Our newspapers feature death notices daily but nary an obituary- the personal but slightly distanced profession of respect, reminiscence and regrets. It is, instead, our custom to frame our dead within boxes of rigidly determined sizes that stand like gravestones at the far end of the newspapers, sandwiched perversely between sports and business news.

Through photography, video, installation and prints, this exhibition will explore the sentiment of loss, a restrained expression of grief and imagined local devastation.

This curious exhibition will also consist of a set of obituaries framed by invited writers, who put together thoughtful words for an object of love or hatred, who has expired or is presumed dead. Complimenting this is a range of works that address the taking of one’s own life (the suicide note as prime artifact) and hapless deaths in natural disasters.


  • Grieve Perspective