The glass eye opens

solo exhibition by Ruben pang

28 April - 11 June 2017

Ruben Pang (b. 1990) is an artist and graduate from the Lasalle College of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Art (2010).  He explores an intuitive method of painting, whereby his paintings are projections of his psyche, reflecting on notions of prospect, arrival, andtransformation. With no preconceived notion of how the painting should look like at its inception, his process of creation evolves with each mark added or subtracted from the painting surface.  

With The Glass Eye Opens, Ruben's paintings are composed around a medley of the supernatural, folklore and bio-luminescence. He treats the landscape format as a stage. Through spectacular sceneries or dramatic skies, there is a sensation of integration, a feeling of escaping the confines of the body and mind. Tapping into such subconscious arenas to find new angles of self-analysis and inspiration enables him to find most potency in creativity. 

"The "melody" which I seek within paintings is that of the uncanny - the fleeting and often undocumented intervals that exist in nature and music which are stumbled upon by chance or only experienced by a few people in attendance. I imagine that the art and music I admire, for instance Jimmy Page's guitar solo in "Since I've Been Loving You", or Gerhard Ricther's Portrait of Dieter Kreutz, are created in an aberration, like fireballs or min min lights--oddities that no one would believe in unless they've experienced it for themselves."