The ExtraOrdinary

Solo Exhibition By Boo Sze Yang

3 - 24 February 2012

The ExtraOrdinary is a series of paintings of ordinary and everyday objects which the artist encountered in his daily living. We live and learn in an environment where we never fully see or grasp the entirety of an object. Our life is a series of assumption and belief about what we see, who we are and how we should go on living. We take certain things for granted simply because we can’t question them. Sometimes we take the wrong things for granted and we will never know if the life we lived is actually just an illusion.

For Boo, painting is not cosmetic; but a means of recovery or disclosure to the various nuances in life. Boo believes that the potency of a painting lies neither in its lucid narrative nor polished surfaces but in its metaphorical inference through the image it presents.


  • Boo Sze Yang