The Dung Beetle Project

Group Exhibition, featuring

Amierah Azman, Asyraf Said, Feng Yaqiu, Jay Ho, Joshua Kane Gomes, Liza Markus, Nuridah Rostam and Shayne, Phua Shi Ying

7 December – 22 December 2017

The birth of The Dung Beetle Project was marked by a moment – the realization that the art making process could be futile, and parallels the absurd labour of Sisyphus who infinitely pushes a boulder uphill to only watch it roll back down again. In the believe that the meaninglessness of art constitutes their freedom, The Dung Beetle Project exhibition is comprised of dialogues on the worth of one’s free existence, in the same way as how one’s art-making poses questions against its own purpose and value. While the artworks act as reflections of ‘micro phenomenons’ through the scope of the minute selves of these young artists, the project sets the scene in collective thought against the world’s seeming indifference to futility every day.


The Dung Beetle Project features 8 recent graduates of Diploma in Fine Arts (2017) programme at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. It is independently organized, managed and curated by the artists with mentorship of Chan + Hori Contemporary.



  • Amierah Azman
  • Asyraf Said
  • Feng Yaqiu
  • Jay Ho
  • Joshua Kane Gomes
  • Liza Markus
  • Nuridah Rostam
  • Shayne Phua Shi Ying