(Re)Claim Singapore!

Stellah Lim Chii Cze

December 2012

Acrylic and ink on vinyl

Stellah addresses feelings of confusion and emptiness, emerging in the midst of significant change and restructuring taking place in Singapore.

The audience is invited to scratch off the surface of each pane to reveal what lies beneath, essentially choosing whether they want to “conserve” the original work or “destroy” it to allow a new work to surface. By participating in the “destruction” the audience becomes an active agent in the journey of transformation and must embrace both the debris that inevitably comes with destruction and the change that has taken place.

Graduating from RMIT with a Bachelor Fine Arts (Honours) degree, Stellah originally trained as a jeweler, developing an interest in the body as a site for artistic expression. She is currently exploring the idea of the lingering presence of objects or people once they cease to exist.

Supported by the National Arts Council and Raffles Hotel