Singapore Vignettes

Featuring Shelby Dillon And Zui Quan You

25 April - 13 May 2011

In our hectic, day-to-day pursuits one can easily forget to appreciate the small things. With globalisation and technological advances seemingly decreasing distance and increasing the speed of existence, the details and simple pleasures of life often take a back seat.

Singapore Vignettes invites you to take a moment out of your day to slow down and appreciate these small - yet significant - details. Shelby Dillon and Zui Quan You pay homage to the at times unassuming, but essentially vital aspects of our surroundings - whether it is the environment around us, or the more personal memories and stories each person has to share. The exhibition features both intimate vignettes of heritage homes in Singapore as well as a view into the artists' personal accounts of what happens when time slows down for a while.


A trained architect, Zui Quan You uses outdoor sketching and painting as a strategy for studying details on buildings. His artworks capture the character, history and beauty of old heritage buildings in Singapore, as influenced by his architectural background. He considers them silent stories that speak only to silent hearts.

Shelby Dillon is a Singapore-based American artist currently pursuing her MFA through the Academy of Art University (AAU), San Francisco. The move to Singapore gave Shelby a different view of life and the world, from which she now draws her inspiration. Much of her work focuses on taking small moments in time - small moments when one can take a moment out of a busy day and see a different perspective.


  • Shelby Dillon
  • Zui Quan You