(b. 1977, Singapore)

Dyn’s works, characterised by a fascination for the coexistence of old and new, explore memory and absence by chronicling Singapore’s changing architectural landscape. Familiar local architecture, void of human presence, is depicted in super-flat, crisp-edged, candy-coloured compositions that portray the outline and characteristics of the buildings without their shadows or depths. Paintings of pre-war housing estates like Tiong Bahru or the façade of Cathay, drawn from old photographs, evoke nostalgia and loss that reflect the artist’s own childhood memories. Dyn’s work is infused with a poignant sense of isolation, using his painted architecture to create a sense of displacement and longing.

In 2003, Dyn received his Diploma in Fine Arts in painting from Lasalle, Singapore, and in 2004 he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. He went on to receive his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Open University at Lasalle in 2006. Dyn has been recognised with a number of awards and scholarships, including the National Arts Council Arts Bursary in 2002, the Winston Oh Travel Scholarship in 2002 and again in 2004, and the Della Butcher Award in 2003. In 2010, Dyn’s work was presented in an exhibition entitled Playtime at the Karin Weber Gallery in Hong Kong, and in 2011, Dyn presented his works in Traces at Chan Hampe Galleries. Dyn's other exhibitions at Chan Hampe Galleries include All That's Left Has Gone to Sleep in 2012, After All These Years in 2013, and Everyday Heroes in 2014.

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