(b. 1990, Singapore) 

Ruben Pang’s vibrant and ethereal work combines fluid technique with a kaleidoscopic palette. Without a preconceived image of the final composition, Pang’s artistic practice evolves throughout the painting process, removing the boundary between abstraction and representation. This approach allows the imagery to surface spontaneously, which Pang describes as “visual syncopation, like searching for a melody in white noise”. Using oil paint and alkyd resin, Pang paints, scratches and erases his paintings using brushes, hands, palette knives and sandpaper, revealing layers of colour that reflect projections of his psyche. Pang works on aluminium panels, which allows him greater freedom to transform the image as it develops. His work explores medium and method, creating a feeling of dynamism while testing the boundaries of colour, form, and transparency.

His recent international shows include a solo exhibition, The Glass Eye Opens with Noosa Regional Gallery, Aetheric Portraiture with Primae Noctis Art Gallery in Lugano, Switzerland and a group exhibition, Deep SEA with Primo Marella Gallery in Milan, Italy. Locally, he has exhibited and performed in the Singapore Art Museum, Lasalle College of the Art's Praxis and Project Space, The Substation, and Chan Hampe Galleries. After graduating from the Lasalle College of the Arts in 2010 with a Diploma in Fine Art he received the Winston Oh Travelogue Award (2010), the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship (2009-2010), the Lasalle Award for Academic Excellence, and was a finalist in the Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2010 and 2011.

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