Resembling Imaginary Creatures

Solo Exhibition By Vincent Leow

27 July - 21 August 2012

Vincent Leow (b. 1961) is a pivotal figure in the local alternative art scene and his practice parallels the development of contemporary art in Singapore. Leow's source of inspiration stems from mythology, folklore and fairytales entwined with realities and employed as conceptual devices to explore the notions of the familiar and the foreign.

In this exhibition, Leow presents a line-up of whimsical new paintings, which incorporate recognizable silhouettes of animals, humans, and otherworldly creatures, painted with gestural brush strokes through suggestive spontaneity. This new body of work highlights a narrative of fictional speculation, inviting viewers to project their own interpretations of the subject.

These works were executed during the artist's teaching residency in Sharjah, UAE. Living amongst the political turmoil in the Middle East over the last two years heightened Leow's awareness of a global affliction, motivating him to paint an alternative reality. Deeply affected, Vincent wished to negate what he read in the news or saw in the media by representing his ideas in ambiguous pictorial form, conveying a perceived innocence on the precipice of destruction, through the medium of paint, its application process, and its ambiguous elements.


  • Vincent Leow

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