Featuring Ashley Yeo, Gabriela Butti, Gabriele Dini, Melissa Tan, Ruben Pang And Weixin Chong

1 - 31 July 2016 | SHOPHOUSE 5

The title Petrichor literally describes the ephemeral moment of earthy scent that accompanies the first rain after a prolonged dry spell. This natural occurrence briefly happens and barely exists; akin to a fleeting inspiration that tends to slip away unknowingly. It is the collective's desire to capture these moments of Petrichor and nurture them together.

Petrichor is a collective effort to create a space where artists are encouraged to constructively critique one another's works. They share their thoughts, challenges, and mixed emotions as they push boundaries and explore possibilities in the course of their artistic development.

Featuring works of diverse styles presented in varied mediums, the exhibition showcases work that oscillates between traditional approaches and a refusal to be contained by medium. They include macroscopic-marbled fabrics, deceptively crystalline metal sculptures, irradiated pointillism portraits, and site-specific installations. The show is a gathering of material sensations; textures and frequencies that voice the minutiae of a reality unspoken and unseen.




  • Ruben Pang
  • Melissa Tan
  • Ashley Yeo
  • Weixin Chong
  • Gabriela Butti
  • Gabriele Dini