Featuring Vertical Submarine

23 September - 18 October 2015


Chan Hampe Galleries is proud to present Penetrations, a new solo exhibition by Vertical Submarine.


Taking a playful stance on otherwise serious discussions of language policies and identity in Singapore, the series of work by Vertical Submarine exercises a tongue-in-cheek preservation of quickly disappearing pockets of colloquial conversation among Singaporeans. Despite the gradual loss of vernacular language, the presence of lyrical rhymes recited in the local Hokkien dialect still stands as endearing figures of expression in Singapore. The collective’s tribute to the unique verbal vestiges of the local dialect culture is sold to audiences via a selection of rhyming verses presented in forms archetypal of olden-day advertisements and illustrations.

These lyrical rhymes, commonly conjured out of jest and void of actual meaning, are suitably presented in the form of visually appealing poster art aesthetic. Taken together, the boldly printed silk-screen vintage posters, light box and billboard signages mimic a pseudo marketing campaign, serving up a roguish record of the dialect while rekindling a certain fondness for the peculiarities of speech often overheard in coffee shops around the island.


  • Vertical Submarine