Featuring Alvin Ong And Esmond Loh

19 August - 28 September 2015 | UOB Art Gallery

Chan Hampe Galleries, in collaboration with United Overseas Bank (UOB), is delighted to present Passages, a painting exhibition by UOB Painting of the Year winners Alvin Ong and Esmond Loh. 

Passages examines time and space as experienced in the context of modern-day Singapore. The paintings in this exhibition are the reflections and memories of the personal encounters and collective histories of emerging Singapore artists Alvin Ong and Esmond Loh.

Individual frames within the passage of time are captured and extracted into painted compositions, such as a close encounter during the morning rush hour, a poignant moment as a nation unites in grief, or a timeless second of solitude. Through these paintings, the artists invite the audience to think about what makes a moment in time significant.

Iconic scenes are counterbalanced with feelings of displacement as each artist introduces fresh looks to familiar narratives. For Alvin, his body of work journals his interpretation of Singapore through archival photos and video stills. Esmond takes a more intimate approach, assembling characters close to him and projecting them onto a timeless void, examining their lives as detached individuals. The highly-detailed portraits alternate between distance and familiarity–shifts that are daily occurrences in Singapore’s fast-paced environment. Viewers are invited to re-imagine the moments portrayed in the paintings and plot their own journey through the passage of time.




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