Mysterious Skin

Solo Exhibition By Simon Ng

5 May - 5 June 2016

In this new series of work, the human visage becomes the focus for Ng's painting. Employing an impasto technique against a flat block of colour, the paintings incorporate a blend of styles, most reminiscent of Expressionist painter Frank Auerbach with its paradoxical combination of surface manipulation and psychological depth.

Ng uses thick applications of paint to create a highly textured surface which delineates the subject's facial features while keeping individual characteristics obscured. Driven by the tension between paint and subject, these portraits reveal little of the individual identities and expose the artist's own desire and fascination with human features. The notion of identity relating to both the artist and the subject is observed, as the series of male silhouettes suggests that it is the artist's sense of self that finds its way intimately into the paintings.




  • Simon Ng