solo exhibition by Rajinder Singh

20 October - 14 November 2012

The M.O.L.C. series was inspired by Singh's observations of his home country of Malaysia while living abroad and the way in which his country has been depicted historically. It is with this underlying theme that Singh constructs a 'make believe' world, dreaming of a time when 'Malaya' might have been promoted as a land of living curiosities — foreign, exotic, strange, and exciting — a melting pot of rich and bizarre cultures.

Up to 20 layers of paint and assorted fragments are piled onto stretched, heat-protected, unprimed canvas before the artist breaks the surface open using various techniques including solvents, acid, fire, and routers. From this foundation, Singh builds up the canvas through print and stencil techniques. The final image includes remnants from years of accumulated posters, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other assorted nostalgia from places that Singh has resided throughout his life — Malaysia, India, Singapore, Belfast, and London — resulting in an excavation of oddities and curiosities from across the globe.


  • Rajinder Singh