solo exhibition by shahrul jamili miskon

12 October - 5 November 2017

Born in 1978 in Malaysia, Shahrul Jamili Miskon trained as a ceramicist in Central Academy of Arts, Kuala Lumpur and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Surrey Institute of Arts, UK in 2003. He later went on to study at the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC), International Islamic University, Malaysia, graduating in 2013.

While at ISTAC, his research excavates the concept of proportions and values in geometrical principles according to the work of Ikhwan al-Ṣafa. A group of mathematicians, astrologists and thinkers from Iraq in the 10th century, this study of al-Ṣafa inspires his work and thinking as an artist.

Typically found working with materials and approaches such as aluminium, paper, print, sculpture and installation art, Shahrul favours geometrical principles as fundamental junctures and philosophical footing in both art and religiosity. With METALANGUAGE, each artwork begins life when a geometric pattern is etched onto a piece of aluminium plate. Like traditional etching print plates, they are then put through acid baths. The artist manages the ‘biting’ impact of these acid baths, deciding and controlling the final etched image, generated by a combination of chance and measured control.

According to the artist, METALANGUAGE reflects faith and devotion as an image and inscription that could begin faultlessly but will transform beyond recognition if left unchecked.