Master Plan

Solo Exhibition By Jason Wee

18 January - 12 February 2012

"A new plan for the city has been drawn up, in black and white. The civil servant leaves his office at the end of the day and locks up. Left alone, his symbols had other ideas." - Jason Wee

Jason Wee's first solo exhibition in almost three years - Master Plan - is a powerful culmination of the artist's most recent academia at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, US. Wee's studies in architecture have evoked personal consideration of scale within a city's 'master plan', which in turn has led the artist to conceive the exhibition's installation, an abstract model of a city but one with a menacing and slightly melancholic blueprint. The grey geometric shapes Wee employs for the high-density buildings will be familiar to viewers of the School show at Singapore Art Museum at 8Q (2008) and the commanding grey palette is one that has followed the artist, not only in his physical workspace, but deliberately through his own series of artworks. The installation includes over 250 individual elements including three digital prints.


  • Jason Wee