Spacetime Dreaming



part of A World at Every Turn exhibition

by Art Galleries Association of Singapore

14 -23 Jan 2022

Blk 7, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

The state of existence begins on a blank slate. Stories are told from anecdotes, memories are built through recollections, and perceptions are derived through experiences and emotions. The awareness of space and time has always been limited to a lifetime. Ancestral records and fables were the only available medium to fantasise about the past and dream of the possible future.


The mind is a potent gateway and a massive void holding the possibilities for dreams and fantasies. In the modern age, the advancement of technology has opened the floodgate to all kinds of information that was not available before.


This has expanded our awareness of "space-time" beyond what the human mind is capable of making sense of. Vicarious experiences are integrated into our lived experiences. The information that we retain becomes fragments of isolated realities existing as multiple versions of small universes, that diversify our contemporary experience of space and time.


The past, present and future coalesce into one - reconstructing and invigorating our perception of ‘one true reality' beyond the concept of a linear space-time, creating a paradox within our existential experience. Spacetime Dreaming explores identity in a multidimensional reality and the potential of the human mind to dream as an innate mechanism to organise and reconcile the absurdity of the present, curiosity for the past, and dreams for the future.


the Artist

Loi Cai Xiang is a Singapore-based visual artist who graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art, Western Painting (Distinction) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He works within the themes of existentialism, identity, and memories, focusing on narratives of surrealism to allow the unconscious mind to express itself. His oil paintings are deeply introspective and greatly influenced by the aesthetics of the Old Masters.


He is a recipient of Tan Chay Bing and Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarships and has exhibited his works in Jakarta, India, Hong Kong and South Korea. He was awarded the prestigious Cliftons Art Prize in 2016 and has held two solo exhibitions in Singapore with Chan + Hori Contemporary in 2017 and 2019. His works are held by private collectors and corporations such as Cliftons and Asia Capital Reinsurance.