(Re)Claim Singapore!

Liana Yang

January 2013

Sad Sad...
LED Signboard, acrylic & aluminum frame

An SMS message that was raised in a recent corruption case is replicated in this work via a continuous sequence inside a framed LED panel. While we'll never fully understand the invisible moments that resulted in the composition of this SMS the sentiments of the message itself seem to resonate with their own poignancy.

As a site-specific installation in the renowned Raffles Hotel, the work brings about a certain nostalgia perhaps reminding us of historical Singapore. The repetitive sequence of the words ‘TURN BACK THE CLOCK’ evokes a sense of loss and regret. As Singapore rushes towards the future, many of its old charms are slowly fading away. Much like the case in question, it is only after the repercussions of our actions are examined that we ever fully understand what is lost.

Liana Yang combines photography and installation work to investigate various sociological and psychological relationships between space and body. She is drawn to the trivialities and oddities that we encounter in our daily experiences. This includes the enigmatic and unseen aspects of spaces and places, as well as explorations of memory and associations in a contemporary culture.

Her works have been showcased at the Arles Photography Open Salon in France, The Arts House, The National Library, Singapore, and more recently at Artissima 19, Italy. Her first self-published photobook, The Epiphany of States, was also showcased at The Photobook Show in Brighton, UK & Helsinki, Finland.

Supported by the National Arts Council and Raffles Hotel