Latiff Mohidin’s “Langkawi”: The Within and Beyond

As with any thought-provoking installation, Latiff Mohidin’s “Langkawi” series, on show at Chan+Hori Contemporary, evokes a large range of perceptions from its audience. A cursory survey of his arca dinding will bring to mind many different things for different people. Some have compared them to rice, the life-giving grain so important to the region. Others have commented on their capsular shape, joint in their completeness and pregnant with energy. There have been associations to the lingam, the divine generative male force in Hinduism, and its counterpart the yoni, the regenerative female force within it. Others have Islamic interpretations of the work, with the semi-circles book-ending the sculptures said to reference domes of mosques, and the square in the centre placing the Divine Kaaba within the Human.

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Article Publish at July 10, 2018


Pago-Pago comes home

It is often a challenge to put a value to art, but artists such as Abdul Latiff Mohidin have proven that Malaysian artworks are able to fetch high prices. With more and more artists coming on the scene, coupled with better arts education, artworks have seen their value catapulting to the point of it becoming debatable whether they are overvalued. The demand and supply situation has driven prices upward, as a growing number of young collectors with a higher disposable income enter the market.

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Article Publish August 28, 2018


Latiff Mohidin’s Pago Pago works among top picks at art auction

Four works by famed modernist painter and poet Latiff Mohidin headline the KL Lifestyle Art Space’s (KLAS) Art Auction, which will take place at the KLAS gallery in Petaling Jaya on Sept 23 .

Apart from his paintings, there is a woodblock print, a part of the Berlin Series produced while Latiff was studying art in Germany in 1962.

However, it’s the two late 1960s-era works from the Negri Sembilan-born artist’s renowned Pago Pago series that will be much coveted by art lovers at the auction.

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Article Publish at September 21, 2018


Malaysian Artist Latiff Mohidin’s acclaimed Pago Pago exhibition comes to Kuala Lumper after premiering in Paris

When senior artist and poet Latiff Mohidin’s Pago Pago (1960 – 1969) exhibition premiered at Centre Pompidou in Paris in late February this year, it created quite a buzz. Not only was it Centre Pompidou’s first solo exhibition featuring a South-East Asian artist, but it also focused on a key moment in the work of one of the region’s leading modernists: Latiff and his seminal Pago Pago series, which he developed in the 1960s.

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Article Publish at July 24, 2018