Kumari Nahappan

20 August - 20 October 2010

Kumari is inspired to approach rituals as forms of art and art as a ritual in itself. The notion of energy, time, space and rituals and their practice have always been core to Kumari’s artistic practice and her life, having roots in Indian culture. They have been a tremendous source of inspiration. As a conceptual artist, Kumari delves quite extensively among all the different concepts and elements associated with the abovementioned notions and their relationship with each other.

"Constant flux, continuity and the need to evolve are at the basis of everything we do in our daily lives - be it art, science, technology or business. For me, they each, consist of rituals that we become close to and coupled with each our cultural background, these experiences shape our doing - in my case, my work as an artist." - Kumari Nahappan


  • Kumari Nahappan