Belinda Fox

Korea International Art Fair 2014 

Southeast Asia Platform

25 - 29 September 2014

The act of excavation brings fresh attention and interest to old things, but excavation is not about discovery, but rediscovery of things lost or forgotten. By rediscovering, we are reminded how our past is directly linked to our future and we give ourselves the opportunity to explore new paths and make different choices. 

Articulating this connection between past, present, and future, this full-cycle in nature is something that permeates my work in a broader sense. It is particularly relevant to this collection as these works of various flora and fauna consist of past prints transformed into collage on paper, and paper models then cast into bronze and steel sculptures. Many of the works represent endangered or threatened birds in Singapore, by recreating them from bits of my own previous artworks, including unused prints and personal motifs, I feel as though I am willing these creatures back into being, as though every piece of paper is a little prayer to keep this bird in the world. In a way, I am literally digging up the past, my past, to create new possibilities. My intent is that by shedding light on the plight of these specific creatures I am inviting attention to the larger concern of our tenuous relationship with the environment.

Belinda Fox, August 2014


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