Interchange: the Tribute Edition

curated by Gillian Nelson

2 December - 15 December 2011

Curator Gillian Nelson asks four Singapore-based artists to participate in a project designed to ditch comfort and security in favour of experimentation and play.

The artists represent a diverse set of interests, experiences and approaches to their artworks, with interests converging and diverging along some erratic pathways. Paired into two collaborative groups they have been asked to create something entirely new, based on a discussion between each other, where their influences and philosophies are shared and considered.

The title of the show, Interchange, relates to this exchange and sharing of ideas, and also to the cultural exchange that is continually happening throughout Singapore and Southeast Asia. Each new encounter moves us from our comfort zone towards something a little different and exciting.


  • Andy Yang
  • Rajinder Singh
  • Lynn Lu
  • Patrick Storey