Design/Art In The Asia Pacific

21 May - 4 June 2011

Inter_play is a unique showcase of one-off and limited edition pieces by leading Australian and Singaporean practitioners whose individual practices challenge the notions of art and design.

Conceived by Spiro Grace Art Rooms (Australia) and Chan Hampe Galleries (Singapore) this collaborative exhibition project presents a unique opportunity for international cultural exchange and a playful exploration of cultural identity.

Inter_play is an exhibition reflective of experimental practice and the convergence of art and design disciplines. Drawing on the emergent international phenomenon of design/art this landmark exhibition brings to light the intricacies of interdisciplinary practice within contemporary cultural production in the Asia Pacific region.

Curators: Benjamin Milton Hampe, Jenni Baxter, and Renai Grace

This project is supported by Saturday InDesign Singapore



  • Alexander Lotersztain
  • Chris Bosse
  • Christina Waterson
  • Kent Gration
  • Donna Marcus
  • Stuart Williams
  • Matt Dwyer
  • Marc Harrison
  • KT Doyle
  • Tegan Empson