How to Disappear into a Rainbow

Installation by Dawn Ng

20 May - 14 August 2016 | Aloft at Hermès Singapore

This poetic question is materialised in an installation by Singapore artist Dawn Ng, who transforms the new Aloft at Hermès into a kaleidoscopic labyrinth of shades. Drawn from an ethereal palette of daybreak hues, pastel blocks and mirror panels of varying heights are juxtaposed throughout the space to create a floating world of colour portals for viewers to navigate through freely.

Inspired by Yves Klein, this site specific work expands on his theory that colours possess the ability to transport viewers from one realm or reality to the next, creating immaterial experiences. Here, viewers are left to wander through the space with a sense of joy and wonderment in a repeated act of disappearing into colour and emerging through their reflections in the mirrors. With each colour portal symbolising a moment and a journey in itself, viewers are guided by the alternating rhythms of horizons and their unique sensorial experience, on an act of discovery that echoes a seamless perpetuity of losing and finding oneself in the art over and over again.

How to Disappear into a Rainbow is core to Ng’s ongoing study of colour, emotion, nostalgia and identity; and a hopeful celebration of the infinite nature of self, space and possibility.