Horizons of Change 2013

Solo Exhibition By Chankerk

22 February - 9 March 2013

Horizon's of Change 2013 represents the next installment of Chankerk's exploration of Singapore's rapidly changing urban landscape. In this collection the artist draws dramatic comparisons between old and new, authentic and inauthentic. Here the historical buildings of old Singapore are each carefully articulated while the homogeneous masses of grey skyscrapers climb ever higher in their search for evermore aspirational heights and majesty. 

Chankerk's familiar strong, rapid brushstrokes continue to express the unstoppable march of time and change in the city.  With vibrant colours representing the energy and vitality of the Singapore, Chankerk manages to capture the zeitgeist of a city in flux, while at the same time harness the precious moments in time that preceded the “World Class” city we live in today.