Homework - Beyond the Laughter

Solo Exhibition By Sean Lee

3 - 24 April 2012

For artist and photographer Sean Lee, photography is a weapon against the dullness of mundane living. He creates opportunities for his subjects that they do not have in reality, letting them experience physical contact and humour within the home.

In this exhibition, Lee shows images that express photography's capacity for comedy. He believes in the therapeutic effect of silliness and the absurd, and most of all in the therapy of laughter. In the words of Milton Berle, laughter is an instant vacation. One of the most magical aspects of producing Homework has been the times when he manages to make his parents crack up during the process of photographing them. For Lee, there is something magical about making comedy with the camera.

Most of Lee’s images are created in his bedroom, which he has come to think of as a kind of theatre, a place where he plays the role of a comedian, trying to make his parents laugh by getting them into humorous situations. Fittingly, he uses cheap props that he makes mostly from ordinary things he finds at home.

Photography is to some degree an excuse to create shared experiences between Lee and his family. Although all of his work is staged, the experience of the process is real – that to him is what is most important. These experiences become memories, and Lee hopes that the memories relived continually through his photography will become part of his family’s history.


  • Sean Lee