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aurèce vettier is a French artistic collective founded by Paul Mouginot and Anis Gandoura in 2019, who both come from backgrounds of art and engineering. They aim to understand how relevant and meaningful interactions with machines and algorithms can be achieved, in order to push the boundaries of creative processes, and how to “dream together”. Depending on the nature of each project, aurèce vettier may invite other contributors into the fold.


Paul Mouginot graduated from CentraleSupélec in France and ES-CP-Europe in 2014. He is a contemporary art collector and has written in numerous art publications. He has contributed to the art section of Purple Magazine since 2013 and teaches classes at the Institut Français de la Mode (French Institute for Fashion) about new media and creative data usage. In the past, he launched a company and developed new artificial intelligence-based technology for fashion image classification.

Jennifer Anne Champion is a writer, educator and textile artist from Singapore. Known for her whimsical style, she has authored two collections of poetry - A History of Clocks and Caterwaul. Her work has also appeared in The Quarterly Literary Review of Singapore, The Straits Times and Esquire Magazine, among others.