Forming The City

Solo Exhibition By Chankerk

18 September - 2 October 2014

In Chankerk's new body of work, his gaze extends beyond the streets of Singapore as he considers urban spaces in other cities throughout Asia. Driven by his sensitivity to heritage and culture, his approach to these paintings veers away from documenting the dynamism of urbanisation and instead attempts to convey the impression of each urban centre as a reflection of local values, histories, and sociopolitical influences.

Including Osake, Siem Riep, and Singapore, each city space in the series differs from the others both in architecture and attitude. The work doesn’t represent specific places in each local, but rather are a memory montage of the area. As is often in his works, here too Chankerk mostly leaves human figures out of the composition and lets the space convey the psyche of the city — sometimes jovial and inviting, sometimes rigid with glimpses of great beauty. The cities captured in Chankerk's brisk brushstrokes reveal their individual character and ultimately speak of the relationship the inhabitants have with their space.