Everything You Ever Wanted Is Right Here

Solo Exhibition By Dawn Ng

7 - 24 September 2012

Everything You Ever Wanted is Right Here is a series of handcrafted photographic and typography-based collages of home. This work is a tongue-in-cheek visual documentary of present day Singapore, over a 4 month period of photo-journalism and interviews with locals. By slicing huge panels of words through large scale photographs, these collages expose the cultural sentiments bubbling beneath one the world’s most highly case-studied cities, as it tells the ongoing story of a country in-the making. The juxtaposition of image and text sets up a visual peek-a-boo, revealing hidden socio-commentaries on the tensions, idiosyncrasies, and hopes unique to Singapore. Dealing with everything from the poignant to irreverent, Everything You Ever Wanted Is Right Here is core to Ng's obsession with the notion of home, identity and belonging, and her attempt to capture the ever-changing form of the latter.





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