Everyday Heroes

Solo Exhibition By Safaruddin Abdul Hamid (Dyn)

7 -25 August 2014

Dyn's current series of work documents characters who have played a role in the creation of Singapore—the Samsui woman, candy man, and satay man, amongst others. Although the presence of these individuals exists now only as faint images and snippets of memory, their contribution lives on in the unique complexion of the nation they built. The intent, through a poster art aesthetic reminiscent of the early twentieth century, is to acknowledge these subjects as icons in their own right, worthy of remembrance, gratitude, and pride.

Based on archival materials, the figures appear to be slowly submerging into their backgrounds, leaving only hazy silhouettes of their former selves. As these individuals become one with their painted surroundings, so do their memories become part of the past. These dissolving images, suggesting both longing and loss, trigger specific memories for some or encourage others to look more deeply into their stories. In either case, as Singapore continues to forge into the future, these paintings serve as a reminder of the significance of these individuals in our remarkable and oft forgotten past.

Dyn obtained his Bachelorʼs Degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia and his Masterʼs Degree in Fine Arts from LASALLE – SIA College of the Arts, Singapore.