DUDE'S SHOW - Musings and Meditations on His Reality

Solo Exhibition By Eugene Soh

12 - 31 August 2013 | OCBC Art Space

OCBC Arts Card presents its third exhibition at OCBC Arts Space, featuring a collection of photographic and video works from emerging Singaporean artist Eugene Soh. In his signature irreverent and humorous style, Soh confronts pertinent social and cultural issues with disregard for convention. 

Included in this presentation is The Overview, an interactive installation based on Soh's own "Eugene's Cave" theory. The installation delivers an "out-of-body" experience that bids the participant to re-think his or her own sense of perspective and reality.

Also on display will be the artist's seminal parodic works, The Last Kopitiam and Venus and Grace. Firm favourites with the public, these works received the Crowbar Award and 2013 Sony World Photography finalist award respectively.

This exhibition is presented by OCBC Bank, supported by Asian Art Options, and organised by Chan Hampe Galleries



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