Diary from the dark

solo exhibition by aung ko

14 September - 8 October 2017

Diary from the Dark presents intimate and emotive drawings by contemporary Myanmese artist, Aung Ko. These drawings take their reference from past journalistic pieces featured in international news magazine Newsweek which he had collected over the years. In states of meditation and a reflection of his state of mind, Aung Ko chose these pictures. They range from pieces featuring personalities such as Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot and Timothy McVeigh to the successful cloning of the lamb Dolly, mummies from Mexico and the dominance of Bill Gates through Microsoft. Mostly projecting airs of anguish, these drawings echo and tease our mortal sentiments and souls, in reaction to both global and personal calamities for which we seem to have mindful solutions for, but never able to apply and put problems to end.

Aung Ko (b.1980, Htone Bo) pursued his studies in Fine Art Painting at the University of Culture in Yangon. In 2007, Aung Ko founded the Thu Ye Dan Village Art Project at his native village in northern Myanmar. He has participated in the Singapore Biennale 2008, 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale in 2009, Goethe Institutes’ 2012-2013 traveling exhibition Riverscapes IN FLUX in Hanoi, Ho Chih Minh City, Jakarta and Manila, and an artist residency at the Pavillon du Palais de Tokyo in Paris in 2015.


Diary from the Dark (Performance)

22nd September 2017, 8pm – 11pm

In the manner of directed and collaborative theatrical performance art by artists such as Anne Imhof, Vanessa Beecroft, Marten Spangberg and Tino Seghal, Chan + Hori Contemporary has invited Myanmese artist Aung Ko to Singapore, to co-direct and present a long-duration multi-disciplinary performance with performing arts collective Kaizen M.D. To be prepared with an ensemble of multi-disciplinary actors, the artist and co-director from Kaizen M.D will trace and process key elements and emotions based on his recent series of drawings. In the duration of this 3 to 5 hours long performance, visitors can walk into, sit in and freely pass through. Possibly spilling in and out of the gallery space, the performance itself traverses, inviting all audience to follow in its path.


The Kaizen M.D

The Kaizen M.D is a performing arts collective that gathers young artists from various art disciplines with the aim of creating multidisciplinary works in Singapore. Founded in July 2012 by its Artistic Director Norisham Osman, The Kaizen M.D. envisions being the platform for exploration, development and collaboration for young and upcoming multidisciplinary contemporary artists in Singapore while creating new works.