Death by a Thousand Cuts

By Vertical Submarine

14 January - 14 February 2016 | SHOPHOUSE 5

Departing from the ancient execution method of ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’ or ‘lingchi’, this installation recreates a scene which replays in the mind of a fictional political exile, in which he arrives home late one evening to find his wife sitting in the kitchen with his best friend, both of them laughing out loud. As he enters the kitchen, their laughter ceases. The friend, whose back faces the exile, turns around…

Using the mechanism of a scene within a scene, the art collective creates an environment where the viewer walks into a photograph of this setting, a photograph with a tear in the middle from years of being folded and unfolded. This project attempts to discover what results when things are folded over and over again. How spaces serve as extensions of their inhabitants' bodies, and the connection between severed spaces and bodies as related to executions and a life in exile.