(b. 1982, Singapore)

Dawn Ng has worked across a breadth of media, motives and scale ranging from collage, photography, illustration, light and installations for both private galleries as well as the Singapore Art Museum (SAM). Having lived a nomadic lifestyle, much of her work is rooted in location and dislocation, whimsically playing with notions of home, identity and nostalgia. Her background in advertising is reflected in the pop cultural resonance of her artwork and its attempt to toy with the obvious in order to tell the truth.

In 2009, I FLY LIKE PAPER GET HIGH LIKE PLANES, an installation at the BlackOut art show, garnered much press across Channel News Asia and the Business Times, who named Ng the new tour de force of the local art scene. Her following solo show, WALTER, a series of guerrilla installations of a giant inflatable bunny in various locations around Singapore, received greater attention for its controversial content and form. The locations, which include the Ghim Moh Hawker Centre and Queensway Bowl, reflect the artist’s childhood memories and experiences. The show was later acquired into SAM’s permanent collection. THIRTY ONE KINDS OF WONDERFUL is a series based on 31 objects constructed over a month in Paris, using common materials such as paper, yarn, tissue, and Parisian flea market finds. The series was exhibited at SAM in 2012, and was also published into a bookzine. In 2012, she held a solo exhibition entitled Everything You Ever Wanted Is Right Here at Chan Hampe Galleries @ Raffles Hotel, a tongue-in-cheek visual documentary of contemporary Singapore. Produced over a four-month period, the project compiles photojournalism and candid interviews with locals to create handcrafted typography-based photo collages of Singapore’s modern landscape.

With a background in studio art and journalism at Georgetown University and Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, Ng spent 10 years across Singapore, Paris and New York. Several of her collage, light and space installations have been commissioned and curated by SAM. Ng was the youngest artist to be commissioned to design the museum’s building façade in 2010 for the Art Garden show. 

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