continuation (and rests) between Spaces

solo exhibition by Goh Abigail

3 March -  29 March 2018


The Chan-Davies Art Prize, sponsored by the founders of Chan + Hori Contemporary, is in its fourth year.  Two prizes are awarded annually, designed to give substantial financial support to graduating students in their first year after graduating - with the objective of encouraging experimentation in their practices, resulting in a solo exhibition.


For 2017 the awardees selected and presented, Goh Abigail (BA Fine Arts) and Angela Chong (MA Fine Arts), are artists working with challenging, non-traditional media such as sound, light, found materials and the mass media to project the ephemeral.


“There is also an idea that every container of space (from boxes, rooms, to buildings) can serve as an ‘instrument’ that fascinates me. The quiet humming from a vase differs from the low humming from a pipe due to their materiality and forms. I collect these sound-objects and piece them together as apparatuses that creates unique listening situations for different ears.”




  • Goh Abigail


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