Renowned art curator, Khairuddin Hori tells us about what inspires his artistic vision

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Known world over for his unabashed and ever evolving approach to curation, the theatre actor, artist and writer talks about his mission to connect contemporary art with everyday life

The best things in life happen by chance. And there’s no one better than Khairuddin Hori to embody this sentiment. His first encounter with art was watching his sister perform on stage. It was Malay theatre and Khairuddin would wait for the troop to finish so they could hang out together. 

“Every weekend, before we all went out as friends, I would wait for them to finish until one day my friend said why don’t you join us instead of waiting around and we could all go after,” recalls Khairuddin. And this is how he stepped into the mesmerizing world of art and creativity. While he started out as a theatre actor, writer and even tried his hand at some poetry in his early days, it was painting that he finally chose to make his life’s mission and passion.

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Article posted on 23 January 2019