The Singapore Festival in Yangon opens today

Zao Bao by Wen Huang

The Singapore Tourism Board will start tonight on December 2nd, in cooperation with Doh Eain, a social enterprise that activates the urban community in Yangon, Myanmar, to close the Bogalay Zay street in the city centre and hold the 2018 Singapore Festival key project.

Inspired by the Burmese Street Festival, the Singapore Festival launched the “500 Myanmar Burmese Food Festival” for the first time. There are 20 stalls that match the similar street foods in Singapore and Myanmar, attracting many people to taste, and the crowd is lively and lively. . Singapore’s Michelin star hawker Chen Hanming’s “Where the Hong Kong Oil Chicken Rice Noodle” booth has been lined up with special talents.

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Article posted on 30 November 2018