Present Day: The Business Time Weekend on 7-9 December 2018

Chan Hori Contemporary Advent Charity Sale

For a Good Cause

Ruben Pang has a long waiting list. Latiff Mohidin is the first Southeast Asian artist in the region to have a solo at the Pompidou Centre. Loi Cai Xiang sold nearly all his works in his debut exhibition. Kamin Lertchaiprasert is collected by the Guggenheim.


Singapore Festival 2018: The Best of Singapore Comes to Bogalay Zay Street

Myanmore by Jessica Liang

From 30th November until 2nd December, Bogalay Zay Street will become a microcosm of the best that Singapore has to offer. Welcoming the third Singapore Festival, which started in 2016, the idea behind the concept is to allow Yangonites to experience all that Singapore has to offer – without leaving the city.

The three-day festival will run from 4pm to 9pm each evening and will showcase food, cultural experiences as well as entertainment in one stop. This year, the event will be collaborated with local multi-discipline restoration and placemaking social enterprise, Doh Eain.

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Article posted on 14 November 2018


The Singapore Festival in Yangon opens today

ZaoBao by Wen Huang

The Singapore Tourism Board will start tonight on December 2nd, in cooperation with Doh Eain, a social enterprise that activates the urban community in Yangon, Myanmar, to close the Bogalay Zay street in the city centre and hold the 2018 Singapore Festival key project.

Inspired by the Burmese Street Festival, the Singapore Festival launched the “500 Myanmar Burmese Food Festival” for the first time. There are 20 stalls that match the similar street foods in Singapore and Myanmar, attracting many people to taste, and the crowd is lively and lively. . Singapore’s Michelin star hawker Chen Hanming’s “Where the Hong Kong Oil Chicken Rice Noodle” booth has been lined up with special talents.

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Article posted on 30 November 2018


Atypical Singapore – Bringing an Artful Taste of Singapore to the World

Artitute by Geraldline Lee

Atypical is defined as “different from all others of the same type” according to the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus. So with this description as a touchstone, the Singapore Tourism Board has launched Atypical Singapore, an art and augmented reality technology showcase that brings a slice of Singapore’s artistic facet into the streets of select cities. Part of the Passion Made Possible global campaign, Atypical Singapore presents seven contemporary artists from different specialisations whose exhibits connect with viewers through multi-sensory art experiences, participation and dialogue.

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Singapore Festival 2018, Myanmar runs 30 November to 9 December with Atypical Singapore activities happening 30 November to 2 December.

Article posted on 20 November 2018

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Singapore Festival captures the imagination, taste buds of revellers


Over the past few years residents and regular visitors to Yangon have witnessed the slow but steady transformation of some of the city’s back alleys from dingy, rubbish-strewn and mosquito-infested spaces, into vibrant children’s  playgrounds and photo locations for adults.

Closed and dirty parks have also been transformed into recreational places for both the young and the old alike.

Thanks to the Yangon regional government’s openness to cooperating with international and local non-government organisations, the city is slowly becoming a hive of activity for both local and international events, once again becoming a fun city it used to be as.  

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Article posted on 03 December 2018


Seven contemporary artists handpicked by Chan + Hori Contemporary and The Singapore Tourism Board

ARTREPUBLIK Edition No. 20 Fall 2018

Article written by Durriya Dohadwala

As part of the global campaign, Passion Made Possible, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Chan + Hori Contemporary have collaborated to launch the showcase Atypical Singapore.

Showcasing Singapore’s traditional icons and local subcultures through art and augmented reality technology

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Create To Curate

Interview by Anton D. Javier 
Photography by Chino Sardea 
Original publish at 5 October 2018

A career in the arts was something unexpected for Mr. Khairuddin Hori, Curatorial Director and Partner at Chan + Hori Contemporary (previously known as Chan Hampe Galleries). “I was always interested in the arts and was exposed to it mainly through accompanying my eldest sister attend arts and culture events,” shares Mr Hori. “But it was when I was 16 that I was dragged to participate in traditional performing arts events and later, introduced to students from LASALLE and artists from The Artists Village by two of my best friends. It was then that I seriously thought about it.”

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$30,000 gallery prize for rising artists


Singapore-based visual artists Dipali Gupta and Gemma Kearney have won the fourth edition of the annual Chan-Davies prize, worth $30,000.

The prize is given by Chan + Hori Contemporary gallery to two graduating artists from Lasalle College of the Arts. Each winner receives $15,000 in cash and an exhibition at the Gillman Barracks gallery, which runs from Saturday to Aug 19.

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Ties of History Art in Southeast Asia

Chris Chong Chan Fui, Ties of History: Art in Southeast Asia. As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) concludes the commemoration of its 50th anniversary, the Philippines marks the historic occasion by hosting a contemporary art exhibition featuring ten artists who will represent each ASEAN member state. The exhibit entitled, Ties of History: Art in Southeast Asia, is curated by noted art historian, scholar, and curator Patrick D. Flores. It will be held simultaneously in three major art institutions in the Philippines: the Metropolitan Museum of Manila (MET Manila), the University of the Philippines Vargas Museum, and the Yuchengco Museum. It will be on view from August 10 to October 6, 2018.

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Ties of History photo.jpg

Latiff Mohidin’s “Langkawi”: The Within and Beyond


As with any thought-provoking installation, Latiff Mohidin’s “Langkawi” series, on show at Chan+ Hori Contemporary, evokes a large range of perceptions from its audience. A cursory survey of his arca dinding will bring to mind many different things for different people.

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Quiet by the sea


Since the publication of "Pago-Pago" (1964-1969) and "Heartscape" (1973-1974) series, he has made a name for himself in the Malaysian art world. The painter Latiff Mohidin has been using the Langkawi series for a few years. 1976-1980) set off again.

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Exploring Mental Health Through Art

First Look Asia is the region's leading English news and lifestyle breakfast show. From technology to health, we bring you the latest trends and developments. Join Yvonne Chan, Lance Alexander and Adam Bakhtiar for your dose of news, views and interviews every weekday from 7.00 to 9.00am SIN/HK.   

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Contemporary art has a long tradition of engagement with societal developments and events. Expressing alternative positions and raising awareness about topical issues, artists are able to utilise their unique position as a voice for change through their work. Tapping into discussions concerning class, gender, race, politics and the environment, the concept of the artist as activist is a powerful one. In reaction to the social realities of migration – namely the 2015 European migrant crisis – global humanitarian concerns are an increasingly recurring thematic within the vocabulary of the current contemporary avant-garde.

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Press picture for Singapore Business Review_April May 2018_The Art Issue-32-33-1.jpg

Art appreciation is on the rise, but commercial success has been slow. Is Singapore’s contemporary art scene losing ground to its art rivals in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia?

Chan + Hori Contemporary founder Angie Chan remains undeterred and is committed to help make Gillman the go-to arts destination in Singapore. 

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A look at the DISINI Festival at Gillman Barrack


DISINI, the region's first large-scale and ground-up visual arts festival, featuring outdoor artworks, a specially commissioned artist-designed