Featuring Shazwany Aziz, Syamil Dasuki, Koh Liang Jiang, Amanda Lim, Melissa Ngien, Sharmaine Pang And Yeo Jian Long

5 – 21 August 2016 | SHOPHOUSE 5

Berdakwat is the Malay term for “Ink”. In this exhibition, a group of emerging artists bring their own distinctive identity and take on the medium, choosing subjects and themes that push the boundaries of the traditional art form. Using pens, brushes, or avant-garde paraphernalia, the diverse expressions elevate the ink in its many forms.

The use of ink in art history spans across cultures and nations including Europe and Asia. Ink as a medium is usually associated with drawing and, in the context of the art academy, it is de rigueur for professional artists to be proficient in draughtsmanship. From meticulous intricate compositions, fictional landscapes, and abstract gestural works, the artists in Berdakwat present contemporary interpretations of the traditional medium. 


  • Shazwany Aziz
  • Syamil Dasuki
  • Koh Liang Jiang
  • Amanda Lim
  • Melissa Ngien
  • Sharmaine Pang
  • Yeo Jian Long