Beautiful Stories: Chapter One

Solo Exhibition By Eric Chan

6 June - 6 July 2014

Eric Chan's latest body of work presents a selection of curious narratives. Neo-surrealist in nature, the dreamlike quality of the work suggests both inner and outer worlds on display, revealing seemingly mismatched storylines that flicker between present and past, reality and fantasy.

Appropriated images layered on split panels combine with Chan's signature stylistic elements—blurred imagery, swelling flora, and a striving to go beyond representations of visual beauty, suggesting moments of heightened emotions and sublime experiences. 

While Chan's works are often autobiographical, here his presence is felt only as narrator, enticing the viewer to partake in the subject's private stories and secret daydreams. However, as daydreams can serve as both happy distractions and as means of escape, Chan leaves each story's final plot up to the viewer.


  • Eric Chan