Balancing the World

Solo Exhibition By Belinda Fox, Ceramics Collaboration With Jason Lim

15 January - 14 February 2016

Inspired by her time in Singapore and travels to Vietnam and Myanmar, this series of paintings considers the loss of tradition and the exploitation of the natural environment in the name of human progress. Fox's works draw the viewer in with their innocuous beauty, only revealing their true message upon closer inspection. Spectacled spiderhunters perch cautiously with the weight of the world on their backs, while melancholy peonies stamped with Indian ink reference traditional block print and nod at Fox's past experience as a master print maker.

The show includes a number of ceramic sculptures Fox created in collaboration with Singaporean performance artist and ceramacist Jason Lim. Additionally, and unique to this exhibition, Fox will be adding a wall drawing to the gallery space. Using her signature web motif, the wall drawing ties the works together and presents the space as a single, immersive installation, a visual echo of her ongoing theme that everything is connected.

Working in paper, pen, watercolour, encaustic, ceramics and sculpture, Fox boldly explores mediums and modes in her quest to articulate her experience and concerns, most often related to humans and nature, and both the hope and doubt inherent in that precarious relationship. Central to Fox's work is her process, it is with this consistence and action that she creates meaning and translates her themes and motifs across multiple mediums.