Age of Uncertainty

Featuring Sarah Choo, K.C Gan, Chester Huang, Jonathan Leong (ZXEROKOOL), Daniel Yu

6 - 21 June 2011

Age of Uncertainty explores how five young artists observe not only society's response to the constant evolution of the environment around them, but also offers an insight into the artists' personal actions and reactions when faced with uncertainty.

The viewer is invited to embark on a discourse with the artists in which issues such as the influence of childhood on the artists' practice, current East-West cultural exchange, and the finality of death.

The exhibition provides a critical look at the uncertainty of life through, amongst others, apocalyptical comic book covers, 3D vignettes, and sculptures of mutant childhood heroes.

The exhibition includes new works by participating artists Sarah Choo, K.C Gan, Chester Huang, Jonathan Leong (ZXEROKOOL) and Daniel Yu.

About the Artists:

Sarah Choo is currently absolving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging at Nanyang Technological University. In 2007 she was awarded a Highly Commended Award in the prestigious UOB Painting of the Year Competition. Sarah's passion for oil painting and her newly acquired interest in photography lay the foundations for this young artist's career.

K.C Gan was the recipient of the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship from the National Arts Council in 2009. The following year he graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts, Sculpture from LASALLE College of the Arts. K.C describes his art as a physical interpretation of his manifested subconscious. His distinct delicate, abstract sculptures of distressed and re-worked plastic take inspiration from the environment his subconscious encounters around him.

Chester Huang graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design from Raffles Design Institute in 2010. His infatuation with tattoo art reflect in his illustrations as well as a mixture of eastern and western influences. Working predominantly with black and white and the occasional splash of neon colour, Chester appeals to the viewer's senses by portraying strong emotions such as guilt, sorrow, and greed.

Jonathan Leong is better known under his alias ZXEROKOOL. He has been commissioned by brands such as New Balance, Nike, MTV, and Tiger Beer to create visual art projects and experiences. Jonathan works in various mediums such as drawing, painting, video, computer graphics, and sculpture.

Daniel Yu's most recent series is a commentary on how a particular aspect of his youth has shaped and influenced his artistic practice. His work, which features sculptures of characters from popular children's cartoons such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, discusses the artist's need to connect with the familiar.


  • Sarah Choo
  • K.C Gan
  • Chester Huang
  • Jonathan Leong (ZXEROKOOL)
  • Daniel Yu