Chan + Hori Contemporary aims to provoke, challenge and stimulate the Singapore and Southeast Asia community through diverse and inclusive events connecting contemporary art with our everyday lives. Artistic vision and a high quality of engagement with public audience lies at the core of its mission.

Encouraging curatorial experimentation and discussion platforms, Chan + Hori highlights both processes and ideas. Dedicated to both emerging and established artists, it is also open to exploring different disciplines and artistic expressions aside from visual arts, such as performance and fashion.

In addition to Chan + Hori’s strong focus on building sustainable relationships with international public and private collections, the gallery provides a professional infrastructure for its exclusive artists to support their careers in all relevant aspects - including regular exhibitions, management of large-scale productions, overseas opportunities and collaborations with institutions.

Chan + Hori opened its doors in Block 6, Gillman Barracks, in February 2017. Since then, it has continually showcased pioneering and vibrant contemporary art from Singapore, the region and the world.



Chan + Hori has aligned itself with current national and international art and culture discourses, actively collaborating with artists, institutions, art councils and corporate entities. It involves art in everyday experiences through newly commissioned works for open spaces, special exhibitions on pertinent socio-political themes and programmes such as dialogues and discussions to instigate new thoughts and opinions.

Two key examples of our Special Projects are the DISINI Festival and Atypical Singapore, outlined below:


Held in collaboration with the National Arts Council (NAC), DISINI is a large-scale, multidisciplinary visual arts festival consisting of events, exhibitions and engagements with unconventional ideas. Spurred by its locale, it is a ground-up initiative that borrows its name from the Malay adverb di sini, meaning ‘over here.’ It invites artists, culture makers and the public to activate thoughts embedded in the landscapes surrounding Gillman Barracks – its precinct of residence.

To find out more about DISINI Festival, visit www.disini.art


As part of the global campaign, Passion Made Possible, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Chan + Hori Contemporary have collaborated to launch the showcase Atypical Singapore. The exhibition features art from seven contemporary artists handpicked by Chan + Hori Contemporary’s curatorial director and partner, Khairuddin Hori. Art and technology studio Meshminds has also developed Augmented Reality (AR) technology for selected artworks, bringing them to life in a medium that allows for an interactive experience and new perspectives of art.

The artists – Daniel Yu, Gerald Leow, Speak Cryptic (Farizwan Fajari), Amanda Tan, Eugene Soh, anGie seah and Muhammad Izdi – have practices that range from performance art and sculpture, to animation and painting. Together, they provide a multi-sensory experience that helps bring a taste of the diversity that exists in Singapore’s art eco-system to an international audience. The showcase first launched in Moscow, Russia from 15 to 16 September 2018. It travelled to Yangon, Myanmar from 30 November to 2 December 2018 and will be presented in New Delhi, India from 15 to 17 February 2019.


Entwine: Maybank Women Eco-Weavers Travelling Exhibition, organised by Maybank Foundation & Chan + Hori Contemporary, The National Museum Singapore, 21 August 2019 – 8 September 2019, The Concourse, Level 1

The Maybank Women Eco-Weavers programme is a flagship economic independence initiative that connects ASEAN's heritage through the ancient art of textile weaving in Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia to create a sustainable weaving industry. Curated by Khairuddin Hori, this exhibition features six contemporary artists who responded to their experiences with artisans of different weaving communities. A celebration of regional art and culture, their artworks are displayed alongside handmade fabrics from the eco-weavers; with merchandise available at the Museum Label store.

Maybank Women Eco-Weavers supports women weavers from poor and marginalized communities with the aim of reviving and sustaining traditional weaving practices in ASEAN countries. The ancient art of textile weaving cuts across borders of the 10 member nations of ASEAN. These textiles can be works of art that represent the heritage of their respective countries, yet the women weavers who sustain the traditional crafts often struggle to survive in modern times.

Titled Entwine, this exhibition is a meeting of traditional craft and contemporary art. Showcased here are artworks by six Southeast Asian contemporary artists invited (since 2018) to interact and be inspired by Maybank Women Eco-Weavers through short residencies at the various weaving centers across the region. While the women in this programme receive access to training, capacity-building and microfinance, which helps them and their families to become economically independent, the artists are afforded invaluable and first-hand access to the preservation of a living culture.

The Maybank Women Eco-Weavers programme is currently active in East and Central Lombok and West Sumatra in Indonesia, Sarawak in Malaysia, Xiengkhouang Province in Laos and Siem Reap and Takeo Province in Cambodia.

Chan Hampe Galleries has been rebranded as Chan + Hori Contemporary as of 14th February 2017.